Saturday, June 21, 2008

Things might be returning to normal. I think.

What a crazy couple of weeks! The feature seller thing really threw me for a loop. I was NOT prepared for that much attention. I wish I'd had more time to prepare for it, but I did my best, with lots of help from my loved ones. I suppose that's all I can do -- my best.

I can't tell you how much I appreciated this opportunity. But more than that, all the fantastic convos I received from hundreds of people -- encouraging, positive, funny, touching, fascinating convos. Maybe a third of them were about homeschooling! (We may just need to start an Etsy homeschooling team!) And thank you to all who commented and visited my blog. I promise to respond to the comments/questions very soon.

One of the funniest things people commented on was my favorite coffee mug in the background of my picture. You guys are super-observant!

Also cool is that one of the people that actually designed and marketed the mug contacted me, and said her office got a big kick out of seeing their mug being enjoyed by one of their customers! Her Etsy shop is pretty neat (although currently closed,) and I have my eye on one of these when she reopens, done with the letter "C."

I am finally finished with all packaging and shipping from the featured seller days, including most of the custom orders. Here was one day's worth of shipping, ready to go to the post office:
I honestly don't know how the "big sellers" do this every day.

I also decided to thank my helpers with some cute little gifts from BazaarLatino's fun Etsy shop! I love her shop. They are cute, cool, and remind me of simpler times. (Thanks, sister, for showing me this shop!) My daughters chose these adorable earrings, and these, too. I even chose a couple of items for myself.

I just love big, chunky, unusual rings! I don't have nearly enough of them, though.

I have managed to make up more wallets, and have about 15 more in the works. Here are a few....

They will be listed on Monday. I also have one tote cut out, and more planned. I think I may need to hire a cutter to help me with the totes.

While all this is going on...

. . . look who's going to be two months old on Monday!

I can't believe it -- can you? Time has gone by so fast. He's doing much better, with the gassiness and all (thank you, aloe vera juice!) and is finally settling into a semi-routine. I'm getting to sleep more, and in an actual bed, too (not the rocker) so things are definitely getting back to normal.


  1. Beautiful baby...glad to hear he is doing better!!! The wallets are adorable....thanks for all the tutorials and patterns on your blog. I am inspired!

  2. Congratulations on the big stack of packages to mail out! I started reading your blog before the feature (and before baby Owen) so it is really nice and quite personally inspiring to see your shop grow. Not to mention your adorable littlest monkey.

  3. You are truely amazing. I barely have energy after work to work on Etsy.

  4. wow, thats a LOT of packages!! :D congrats on everything . . . i can't even imagine how busy you must've been but it also must have been a lot of fun and really satisfying :) i didn't notice the Jim mug . . . but i love it!! my fiance and i met while working at a record label together, very "the office" ;) he also looks quite a bit like jim, i think!

  5. Wow! I bet your head is still spinning from all that action!
    Oh yeah and "Awwww!!!" little man is SO sweet!!! I miss that baby stage! (um, not the gassiness, lack of sleep, diapers, etc... ;-))

  6. WOW! Congrats on ALL the sales!!! Good job, girl!!!! :) And of course, the little one is sooo darling. Also, I just love BazaarLatino also, what amazing things she has!!! And finally, that Jim mug is magnificent!!!! I am OBSESSED with him on the Office, where can I find a boyfriend like that????!!! :) Did you get the mug from that cute Etsy shop??? Take care!!! xoxxo!

  7. That's so sweet, hollylynne!

    hautemommy, I bought that awesome mug for a big fat $1 at Target!

    I think I liked Jim more before he and Pam got together, though. I liked the tension & unrequited love.

  8. aww...your little guy is so adorable!! ooo aloe vera juice! I have never heard of that and gosh I wish I had heard of it before!!

    I very much love that headband above too!

  9. Thanks for the sweet comments on our little Owen... he is a cutie, I have to say!

    About aloe vera juice -- it works for adults' and children's tummy troubles, too. Adults -- a shot-sized dose; kids -- a 3-teaspoon medicine cup works well.


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