Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sweatshop time

One of my amazing sisters came to visit me last weekend. She and I have always loved to sew and craft together. We also have a dorky side (well, at least, I do) and we continually think of ways to irritate, aggravate, and generally annoy each other. But not in a bad way. In the way that we can't stop laughing until tears stream down our faces or we spew the Diet Dr. Pepper we happen to be drinking. That kind of aggravation. We love it.

Another thing -- she happens to be a professional costumer and seamstress. The word awesome comes to mind. We sewed all weekend long. I worked in a sweatshop. My own. And we loved it.
The reason for the frantic sewing spree? Tune in tomorrow and I'll spill the beans! Meanwhile, here's a look at my workspace.

I wish it were that organized. More later.....

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