Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cute shop, and a fun night out

I love our ETC First Mondays! I get to browse some of the members' shops, and find all kinds of neat items at great prices. I visited HandmadeWhimzy's shop during the sale... so many cute items! I decided to treat myself to a little present....

Cute packaging!

These sweet earrings were inside! I just love them. So simple, and so pretty.

I also bought some stickers and notecards from our street team's shop. I'll be putting the stickers in my orders, as a way of promoting our team. The stickers and notecards are the result of a collaboration between two of our members, tpdesign and tiddlyinks. Very nice job!

Our fun night out....

It isn't very often that we get to hear an orchestra perform. It's very rare, actually -- usually an anniversary treat for my sweet husband and me. However, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra presented a series of free concerts in area parks! I decided to pack up the Monkeys, some snacks and our lawn chairs, and head out to the concert. One of my sweet sisters joined us, too.

The kids all enjoyed the music, and the outing itself. Some more than others.

Monkey 7 thinks that raisins are bliss. (And that's not a strange camera angle -- that's him raising up his raisins in celebration!) He makes me smile.

Now I know what kind of music we should be listening to at home. Monkey 8 slept through the entire performance.

The weather was warm, with a soft breeze. My Monkeys behaved. My sister and I snacked on apricots, blueberries and cherries dipped in chocolate. The music was amazing. It was a perfect night.


  1. those earrings are sooooo beautiful!!! an excellent self gift!!
    your night out looks awesome too . . . monkey 7 and his raisins . . . .TOO CUTE!

  2. I adore your new earrings... etsy is always full of things Id love to treat myself to hehe! :) And your kids are so adorable!


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