Thursday, May 8, 2008

Some Etsy goodies

I'm a sucker for cute, cuddly (and not-so-common) baby toys. I came across this little guy on Etsy, and Owen just had to have it. He told me so.

See how happy he is? It's from minimeg's shop. I am planning to remove the button eyes (as they can be a choking hazard) and embroider some eyes in their place. My 6 year-old Monkey 5 is in love with this octopus. She tells me she's just holding it for the baby. So I've secretly ordered a pink one for her from minimeg -- just in time for her birthday!

Monkey 7 also likes it. Below, he's showing baby brother how to play with it.

I also got this sweet (and super-soft) wool hat for the baby. This was crafted by unwaveringfaith. Neat lady, and very well-made hat!

I cannot wait to get back to sewing! I have so many new ideas (and a few new fabrics, too....) I wasn't allowed to drive for two weeks after my c-section, but I can tell you that on Day 14, I was in the van and headed to the thrift store (where I found those "new" fabrics.) I'm addicted to thrifting and fabric, I think. And felt.

This is some fabric I found.... SO cute!

I thought it was a pillow case, and planned to make more dryer sachets from it. But once I got it home, I unfolded it and realized that it was a large, hemmed piece of fabric -- perfect for a light baby blanket!

Speaking of two weeks after delivery, Owen and I went to our respective check-ups, and are both doing very well. Owen hasn't regained his birthweight yet, and that has the doctor a bit concerned. She just told me to feed him more, and more often. I already feed him on demand, and as much as he wants, so it's hard for me to force-feed even more. We'll see in a week if he's gained enough weight.

Now, off to school I go....


  1. Cute fabric and adorable kids! I have trouble keeping up with 2 and finding time to sew. I can't imagine 8! We are contemplating 3 and that gives me a tiny headache. I bet 3 must seem just too easy for you! Adorable octopus too.

  2. mkjn -- thanks! Honestly, it actually gets easier with more children! They always have someone to play with, and as they get older, they are very helpful. As for sewing, I mostly sew at night, when the kids are asleep. If you're feeling that little tug for another babe, maybe there's a reason for that? ;) Best of luck to you!

  3. Your new baby boy is so darling! Congratulations!! :) I just stumbled upon your blog and am loving it! Off to visit your etsy store!!

  4. Thanks for including my octopus in your blog! I'm glad that your little ones like them :)


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