Monday, April 21, 2008

A thank-you, and some last minute sewing

I just wanted to say a quick thank-you to all the sweet and funny comments on my prior post! I think I am over the initial shock, and over the last couple of days, have focused on getting ready for the little boy. He won't be wearing pink -- we now have some blue (and neutral) outfits for him to wear. He has some bedding, but not the full layette that I would like. There will be time for that later. (Not that he would notice the difference, anyway!) We don't have any names chosen for sure, although the front-runners are Owen or Aaron. But we'll just have to see him to know for sure what his name should be. I'll keep you posted!

Some last minute sewing....

Yesterday, I decided I wanted a new toiletries bag to take with me to the hospital. I'd been eyeing one of those adorable box bags, but didn't have time to order one. So I did a little searching, and found this amazing tutorial on how to make your very own box bag! Fun, easy, and addictive!

This first bag is mine, made from Amy Butler Forest fabric that I've had in my stash for quite a while. The inside is just some cheap quilting fabric I picked up last week. The zipper is one I bought at the thrift store (a huge bag of zippers for less than a buck.)

This second bag was made for my oldest Monkey. She chose the fabrics and zipper -- I think she did a great job! (Actually, all my daughters chose their own fabrics and zippers, and did very well.) My sister sent me this awesome fabric for a Christmas present. The inside fabric is from a reclaimed pillowcase I found at the thrift store. Zipper from the thrift store, also.

This next bag is made from Alexander Henry's Calaveras print, and is lined with reclaimed fabric from the ugliest, largest muumuu known to man, picked up from the thrift store.

This bag looks misshapen in this photo, but it's really quite boxy. But Monkey 3 loaded this bag to the gills the second it came off the ironing board! It's holding mp3 players, wallets (yes, multiples of both of those,) another zipper pouch, a journal, and I forget what else. These are pretty roomy, and hold a lot of "essentials."

This bag belongs to Monkey 2. I used Michael Miller's candy dumb dots, and again with the muumuu lining... so cute!

The tutorial was pretty easy to follow, and these bags are fun to make. If you decide to try the tutorial, you might want to try a couple of alterations, which I found make it a tiny bit simpler...

--In Step 2, use a zipper foot when installing and top-stitching the zipper.

--In Step 4, when the tutorial says to measure 1/3 the width (etc.) -- don't worry about that. Just sew across the entire end. It won't make a difference either way, and sewing across saves time and frustration.

--Also in Step 4, when you're measuring the corner triangles, use a quilters ruler, and just use the perpendicular and 45-degree angle markings on them to make a triangle the size you want. I made my triangles 2 inches tall, and 4 inches wide. All of my triangles were the same size and in the same position because I used the ruler.

--And don't be afraid to try different handles!

OK... now I'm ready to pack for the hospital.

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  1. oooh, totally cute bags!!!! thanks for sharing the tutorial link! Can't wait to see pics of the new little one!


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