Friday, April 18, 2008

It is STILL quite a shock to me!

I went to my doctor yesterday for a routine OB check-up and a sonogram to measure baby's size, fluids, heart rate, position, etc. My c-section is scheduled for next Wednesday.... less than a week away. The baby and I are healthy and doing fine. All's well.

During the sonogram, the technician was chatting with me and the Monkeys (they were there to see the sonogram) and asked what we were having. "A girl," we all answered, as that was the diagnosis we received at our 20 week and subsequent sonograms.

I don't think it's a good thing when a sonogram tech makes that noise.
Then she brought up this picture on the screen.

Even my untrained eyes recognized what those are. And I knew that those don't grow on baby girls. We are having a BOY.

My kids mimicked my facial expression for me later. It was complete shock. I think there are still traces of that shock there now.

My mind immediately went to the 50+ pink, frilly outfits and onesies I tore tags off of last weekend. And washed. These are just her newborn and 3 months' sized clothes. The larger ones are packed away.

There is one lone sundress I can return, just because I hadn't gotten around to washing it yet.

But I have to say I'm happy this baby is a boy. My two youngest Monkeys are boys, and I had imagined all three of them rolling around, playing their rowdy boy games all together, and being close friends. Sure, I'll be stepping on legos and Hot Wheels for a few more years (as opposed to Polly Pockets and Pet Shop minutia) but these years will pass quickly, and my house will be one day be quiet and tidy. And I'll miss my babies and the mess.

Oh -- another good thing -- I procrastinated making the baby girl bedding, and only made the sheet. I'm thankful I didn't finish that task!


  1. I've heard about this happening. How crazy!!! ...all those baby girl things...a boy name???

  2. OMG! that's amazing---what a great story

  3. Wow for a second there I thought the tech might say you were having twins =P

  4. For a boy's name, we're thinking about Aaron or Owen, but you never know. I would like to see what he looks like first. ;)

    Anh -- SHHHHH! I know someone that happened to!!!

  5. oh my!! that would be such a shock, indeed! And too bad you have to return that sundress, it is absolutely adorable, *I* would wear it!
    I never had a US during my pregnancy but i and everyone else though that we were having a boy for some reason. I don't know why, i just had this feeling, ya know? So when she was born, i didn't even check to see whether she was a boy or girl and then my doula said "oh look! a little girl" i'm all: "where? oh my gosh!! aaahhh!!" i was in total shock and absolutely ecstatic. I secretly really wanted a girl but thought i was going to have a boy for some reason. my husband still tells the story of how i "freaked" when i realized that our baby was a girl~ Well, my daughter was dressed in lots of blue and green as an infant and everyone mistook her for a boy all the time. Anyways, good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and with your birth~

  6. OH MY GOODNESS . . . when I read your news on craftster I squeaked a little but then when I saw that photo of all your washed, pink baby clothes I actually yelped. Loudly. I hope your little guy comes out liking pink! :D

  7. Omg, I am cracking up over this post!!! What a sweet surprise!! :) I can't imagine planning for a girl and then getting that crazy news!! What a story to tell him in a few years!


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