Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A snow day in Texas, and reclaimed fabric pouches

I haven't had much time to post, much less craft or sew, lately. A few of the Monkeys have been ill. They can't all be ill at the same time, mind you. Only one at a time, with an occasional overlap. But I think we're on the mend now... hopefully.

A rare event happened yesterday -- it snowed! Snow. In March. In Texas. (It's pretty rare where I live, anyway.) The kids, sick and well alike, were ecstatic. We all had to run and play in the snow for a bit.

It was Monkey 7's first time to see snow. The first thing he wanted to do was eat it. So he did. And he liked it.

I wish I had better photos, but my camera batteries died right after this shot. By 3 pm, all of the snow had melted (and then my sweet husband went to the store to buy more batteries for me. And a carmel frappaccino. Necessities, of course.)

Reclaimed fabric pouches

After all of that snowy fun, I was ready to sit down and get to work on another pouch. I made this wristlet a couple of days ago:

I actually made one for myself last weekend, using this same fabric. I liked it so much, I made one for the shop. It was taken from a lovely skirt I picked up at the thrift store. I thoroughly washed the fabric, then dismantled it. The strap of the wristlet was once the waistband.

This is the pouch I made yesterday:

It was once a simple, sweet Ann Taylor dress, and also a thrift store rescue. The fabric is a linen and rayon blend. I just love the foliage, and the black-on-ivory contrast. I thought it needed a tiny bird residing among the leaves. I used the zipper from the dress as the closure for this pouch.

I have some fabrics all laid out to make totes today. I am hoping to get at least one made. We'll see, though.


  1. I think we are in one of the few spots in the metroplex that DIDN'T wake up to snow. So sad! But we know it was close!

    I LOVE that black/ivory foilage pouch. Very cute!

  2. Oooh, I absolutely adore the tiny pink bird. He looks right at home on the leaf.


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