Monday, March 10, 2008

New tote FINALLY finished, and thrifting finds

The Monkeys are feeling much better now. There are a couple of Monkeys that still have a lingering, hacking cough, but if they follow the route the others took, the cough should be gone in a week or so.

Yesterday was a very productive sewing day. I FINALLY finished the tote I'd been working on for days. Here it is:
I also completed a few projects for my Preggo/Newborn Swap, but don't have photos of them yet.... I think I'll wait until I'm totally done to take the pics.

The Monkeys and I went to two thrift stores today. I was looking for some Jane Austen or Bronte sisters' books (I had a special request for wallets made from them.) Those authors' books are usually plentiful in the thrift stores, but today, I had no luck finding a single one. In fact, I only found a few books worth picking up today. A couple of them are dark, creepy selections:

I picked up several "grab bags" of kids' books, coloring books, educational tools, and blocks... for $1 - $2 each bag (= great bargain!) This adorable lucky kitty was hiding in one of the bags:

I also found some aMAAAAZing bargains on (yet more) wool sweaters -- $1 each, and on bags full of denim and khaki jeans for -- yep -- $1 for the whole bag.

Now I am completely stocked up in the fabric/felt department. Or overflowing, really. I really have to get busy sewing!

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