Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fun with lavender, a new wallet and the promise of a jelly fish

A couple of months ago, I came across some reusable dryer sheets online. I wish I could remember where I saw them so I could share the link! Basically, the dryer "sheets" are really simple sachets, filled with dried herbs or flowers, and sometimes have essential oils dropped onto the sachets. Toss them in the dryer with your laundry, and the heat from the dryer will warm up the herbs, and disperse their gentle scents throughout the load. No weird chemicals or fake fragrances deposited on your clothing! I was intrigued... and I wanted to make some for my family!

Weeks pass, and I finally get around to ordering some lovely Provence lavender from the sweet Etsy seller, PoPkO. I ordered a pound. The package arrived.... I had NO idea just how much a pound of lavender was! (It's a LOT.) I'm now swimming in lavender.

I decided to get busy and finally make those dryer sachets. I was nervous at first -- this lavender is very strong, and I wasn't sure I wanted quite that much scent in my laundry. I shouldn't have worried. The laundry came out smelling so softly of lavender. Such a pretty scent! The first sachet lasted through about 10 loads of laundry... large loads. I tucked that sachet into my sock drawer; it still smells nice.

I made several more sachets today. I have only used half of my lavender stash! I decided to list a few of my sachets in my Etsy shop.

And about that new wallet...

I forgot to mention an AMAZING score of paperbacks we made last week at one of the thrift stores.... at least 25 good ones! I made this wallet today from one of my finds:

I really liked writing back in college, and this reminds me of the excitement of writing all those papers. Sometimes I miss it. I'm not very good, but I did enjoy it. I like this wallet.
I have several more wallets on the way, and the ever-in-progress totes, as well. I really need to get busy on Monkey 8's bedding -- only a few more weeks until she arrives! I'll be making a sweet little jellyfish toy for her, just like the ones I sent in the Preggo/Newborn swap. I plan to make a tutorial, and post a pattern for it next week! Here's a sneak peek at one:


  1. how pretty! thanks for the nice shout out! those are a realyl good idea, i should try it sometime!

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