Sunday, February 24, 2008

More nesting, more projects

I suddenly have a thing for goldfish. They are irresistably cute. To me, anyway. I came across this fabric a couple of weeks back:

I found this fabric at Fabric Tales, a cute-cute-cute online Japanese fabric store. It has inspired me to make Monkey 8's layette in a pink-and-orange theme. However, instead of immediately ordering up dozens of yards of this adorable stuff, I have decided to make my own version of it.

My scheme is to tie-dye some white cotton fabric a lovely, uneven shade of pink. Then I plan to make a little hand-carved stamp of a goldfish, and stamp orange goldfish randomly on the newly tie-dyed fabric. I then plan to make her sheets and/or crib bumper out of the fabric. Maybe even a blanket or two.

I assembled everything I would need to machine dye my first batch of fabric.... I love dyeing! (I'm just not very experienced at it. I never know what to expect.)

I'll take photos of how it turned out tomorrow.

Until then, another project completed....

I made a padded ring sling for Monkey 8. I love these things. I have one from 9 years ago, and it is just plain ugly. And store-bought. I wanted a fresh, girly one for our new baby.

A closeup of the padded shoulder:

So comfy, for mama and baby!

A ridiculous action shot, complete with uncooperative 30 lb toddler, perched atop my freakishly large preggo belly:

I used this fantastic tutorial by Samantha Lane to make it. It was incredibly easy to follow and construct! I highly recommend it.

And another stalled project completed....

For over two weeks now, I have been working on getting some items gathered up to send to our street team, ETC, for goodie boxes and promo packs to made available in our team shop soon. It should never have taken that long. As you can probably guess from my last post (the 4 year-old quilt project,) I struggle with procrastination. But I finally finished gathering up wallets, making magnets and keychains, new coupons and business cards, and some cute little pincushions to donate:

I wanted to keep this little school for myself! Again, with the goldfish... sheesh.

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