Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Good thrift store scores

My daughter and I made a trek to the thrift store on Monday evening. One of my favorite thrift stores stays open late (until 9 pm, which is late for thrift stores around here.) It was so quiet and peaceful while we were there. The store had been cleaned and organized as well. The bookshelves had been restocked, and there was a Buy-One-Get-One-FREE sale on sweaters! Hooray! (I was running dangerously low on wool felt.) I stocked up on some great paperbacks -- both for reading and wallets:

I found about 25 paperbacks, total!

I am most excited about the sweaters, though. On previous trips to the thrift stores, I could only find one, maybe two, wool sweaters... and in black or grey only. This time, I found several -- in all colors. I was able to pick and choose, and passed over quite a few options. Here are some of the sweaters, felted and ready to be cut (and a couple need a shave, too:)

Now I did have a problem felting one lovely pale green sweater (not pictured.) The label is marked "Pure New Wool." I washed this sweater with a few of the other sweaters, with a little detergent, and in very hot water.... like I do all of the other sweaters I'd felted before. I sent them through several agitation and rinse cycles. All of the other sweaters came out looking like ultra-thick baby armor-sweaters.... except for this one. It looks exactly the same. No shrinkage, no felting, not even any pilling! What did I do wrong?? What is up with this kryptonite sweater??? Any suggestions?

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