Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Failed experiment, and two new pincushions

Well, I didn't post pics yesterday of the oh-so-exciting dye job because it failed. Both times. (I warned you that I did't know what I was doing when it came to dyeing.)

This was the first attempt. I tied the fabric with strings. The strings didn't stand up to the rigors of my washing machine.

So now I just have a bunch of pink fabric.... like I didn't have enough already. But it's usable.

This is the second try. I used rubber bands this time. They stayed where I put them:

This batch was better than the first, in that it has some evidence of being tie-dyed, but I didn't really want the big striations on there. I wanted a mottled or crushed look. I wadded the fabric, and put rubber bands on the wads to keep them in place. But this is usable, too. I guess the lighter pink/white lines can represent the huge waves the little goldfish will have to navigate. And now I have plain pink fabric to coordinate with this batch.

And at least one Monkey that loves my crafting:

Oh, and the pincushions....

I did list a couple of new pincushions in my shop:

This one is called Just a little bite. (And isn't that little coaster adorable? I picked up a set of them, complete with a dome-shaped holder, at the (where else?) thrift store for 60 cents.)

And this one is called Double cherries, please. It's a design I've done before, but I just love it. It was one of the first bottlecap pincushion designs I ever made.

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