Monday, January 7, 2008

Shop Makeover, part 3

I am soooo excited to finally have my new avatar and new banner.... conceived in my imagination, and sketched out on scrap paper. Hey, that's a step! It's just a matter of me making them now, and then photographing them, and... well, you know.

But I do have a neat link to report today....

Again, as seen in the Storque, there's a cool new tool you can download (for free!) to help you organize the business side of your Etsy shop. It's an Excel-based program to help track listings, payments, shipments, and even your profits! Don't have Excel? Don't worry! I don't have it, either, and there's a free program, called Open Office that utilizes the Etsy Seller spreadsheet, just like Excel would. I have never used Excel before, and I didn't have any trouble using this spreadsheet. You might want to try it... did I mention it's all FREE?

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  1. The banner looks great! and very interesting info on the business side of things, thank you - I'll check it out


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