Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just how strong are those wallets? And then a hummingbird.

That's what someone asked me the other day -- and it's a really good question. Honestly, just prior to being asked that question, I had been wondering what people think about my wallets, both before and after they purchase them.

I do use one of my wallets, every single day. And I was marveling at how well it has held up.... so I thought I'd share my wallet with you.

I have carried this wallet, made from a copy of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, since August 2007. I carry it in my purse or pocket every day. Here's a photo of my wallet, stuffed, but closed.

The above photo is a shot of the current contents of my wallet. I counted six plastic cards, five paper business cards, some stamps, and a coupon. Here's a side-view:

The seams haven't busted, the paper hasn't torn. The snaps are still holding on tight. One little "disclaimer:" as stated in the wallet descriptions in my shop, I don't really recommend "abusing" the wallet this way, but at least we now know that they can handle this type of usage. Pretty nifty.

And now for the hummingbird....

I love hummingbirds. I always feel like I've been given a little present when I spot one enjoying some of my flowers in the spring and summer. They're just so tiny and, well, amazing. (I'm so eloquent.) I was inspired by the fabric I found (in the form of a skirt at the thrift store) to create a garden for a tiny felt hummingbird:

The floral fabric has been thoroughly washed, and is lined with new pink and white striped fabric. The zipper and felt are also new. The embroidery thread is more "rescued" thread. You can see more views of this cute little pouch here.

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  1. Alas, no humming birds here in the UK. I wish we could see them!


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