Sunday, December 2, 2007

My inspirations, and NO more bowls

All day today, I have been thinking about what types of things I want to post in my blog. Some people spill all of their innermost thoughts and deeds onto the web... I don't think that's always a good thing. Others keep a very business-like blog, or accounting, of their projects. Still others feature other artisans, and share their awesome finds and scores on their blogs. I'd like to find a happy medium.

On my first blog, I only wrote about my projects, some upcoming events, and my thrift store scores. I felt like something elemental was missing. Me.

I never wrote about my real job. My real job is being a wife to a wonderful man (a patient saint!) and mother to seven amazing Monkeys. My real job also entails being a teacher -- I homeschool my children. All of these people are my inspirations and motivations to do what I do every day.

For years, I didn't craft unless it was Halloween, Christmas or Valentine's day, and it was only to make elaborate costumes/decorations/cookies/etc. so people could see what a SuperMom I was. It was for the wrong reasons. It was an illusion. That illusion came crashing down when I suffered from post-partum depression after Monkey 6, and I had to learn to ask for help to survive. My friends and family saw me for who I was, warts and all. And I was finally free from the death-grip of living a lie.

I became interested in crafting again by watching some DIY Network spots on HGTV, such as Creative Juice and B Original. WHAT! There is more to crafting than elaborate costumes and intricate sugar cookie displays?? I was on fire to learn more. I somehow stumbled across Craftster, and the rest is history. I dusted off my sewing machine, broke out my fabric stash, and hit the thrift stores. I re-learned (and in some cases, learned for the first time) what interested me and where my skills lie. I love what I do.

So, now that you know that I am no SuperMom (thankfully), you may be wondering, "logistically, how does she do it all?" I work when my kids are asleep. I'm a night owl, so that works for me. I do embroidery/handwork when we're all sitting at the table during the school day, and the kids are working independently. (Otherwise, I'd go crazy just sitting there.)

I won't be featuring my Monkeys on here, but they are a part of who I am, and why I do what I do, so they'll get a mention now and then. The next section will be a good example of this.....

I won't be making any more record bowls for awhile.

I may never make another. Not that I don't enjoy making them. I do. I like flopping the hot, flimsy, smelly vinyl onto a mold, then smashing it with the outer mold. Instant gratification.

No, I won't be making any more because I have a tiny assassin in my household that hates record bowl molds. Apparently. Because now the molds are in tiny bits and pieces. I'm not mad. I can't be (see below.) Even though my molds are now discontinued..... I'll just have to scour the thrift stores for an alternative. (Gee, I hate having an excuse to hit the thrift stores!)

Now that leads me to say that any bowls that are still in my shop are going to be the only bowls in my shop. Maybe forever.

Oh -- the little one above is Monkey 7. The little one that was sick yesterday is Monkey 6. He's still not feeling completely well, but he is recovering. Thanks for the well-wishes!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I too am a teacher! And I too fit everything in by being a night owl! Enjoy your 7 little monkeys :)


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