Thursday, December 6, 2007

A new release, and more thrift store finds

I finished a wallet today that I'm super-excited about! My brother designed the artwork for the cover and interior of the wallet. I love the way it turned out.

My brother, Freddy Payne (of Universal Tattoo,) is a perfectionist. I know he spent hours working on the planning and execution of this artwork series, as he does all of his projects.

One interesting tidbit about my brother, Freddy -- he has tattooed Vanilla Ice! While Vanilla Ice (aka Rob Van Winkle) was participating in Ty Murray's Celebrity Bull Riding Challenege last summer, he decided to commemorate his bull riding experience with a tattoo. He asked around for the best tattoo artist in Stephenville, and Freddy was recommended, hands-down, as number one. Freddy did the tattoo, and is in the "Vanilla Gets Inked" episode. Vanilla Ice also showed off his new tattoo on-air while introducing one of CMT's Top 20 shows. Pretty neat!

I did hit another thrift store today....

I found several more books for wallets:I also found this cute little guy:
And some ribbon to tie up presents....I'm planning to make some fabric shopping bags in place of paper gift bags this year. My motivation for using the fabric bags is replace a bunch of trash in the dumpster on Christmas Day, and to also replace future plastic bags when it is (hopefully) used on trips to the grocery store. An amazing (and easy!) tutorial for making your own fabric shopping bags can be found here. Thanks to queenofdiy for the fab tute.


  1. Aww a brother sister collaboration! Cool artwork and awesome wallet =)

  2. Great idea for the bags - and great link, thanks. I was going to do fabric gift bags this year but as usual I ran out of time... Next year I WILL!

  3. Thanks, guys! Spiralsun65, I hope you do try the bags... they're perfect for all year-round!


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