Thursday, December 27, 2007

New recycled wool pouch, and a last-minute party

I hope you all had a very merry and happy Christmas! We did... more on that later. But now for crafting news:

I made a new little cell phone/ipod pouch yesterday....

I am finishing up another one now (with a new design on the front!) and will list it in my shop tomorrow.

My dh asked for a unique Christmas present this year -- a party with his family and mine. This request was made a week before Christmas. (!!!Yes, he's crazy like that!!!) I shrugged my shoulders, and sent out emails inviting everyone to our house on the 23rd. I didn't expect any response... and then 16 people responded! Planning shifted into high-gear, and we announced a pot-luck menu.

We cleaned, we baked. Like crazy.

We tried some new recipes, such as the Zesty Hot Holiday Broccoli Dip (*use mayo, not Miracle Whip, if you try this!) and Cheese & Ham Spirals. The spirals were SO simple to make, and although we made a double batch, they were gone before half the guests arrived.

The Monkeys and I planned an easy activity for the little guests. We made some large sugar cookies in the shape of houses, and set out candies for decoration. We provided each child with a zip-lock bag containing a couple of tablespoons of buttercream frosting, snipped the corners, and turned them loose. By the end of the party, the frosting on the cookies had dried, and the kids took them home as a party favor.

Also, my thoughtful sister-in-law brought along another project for the kids -- graham cracker Christmas trees! The kids all had a blast with these, too. Check out Monkey 6 and his tree....

Yep, he made this all by himself, and he's 3. Not bad at all!

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