Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blog feature, and more wallets

I was recently featured in Creative Sundries' blog! I am so excited! Drop by and pay this super-sweet gal a visit. Better yet, visit her cute Etsy shop! You'll find lots of unique items -- vintage, repurposed, quirky, FUN.

I managed to make two more wallets yesterday...
From another vintage Louis L'Amour western novel... I just love these!
This one is (obviously) from an old romance novel.

Here are two re-lists.... I am hoping some Star Wars fans will snap them up!

As for everything else, the Monkeys are climbing the walls -- they are so excited about Christmas! We haven't done much schooling this week... mostly math and science, and some reading. My older 3 Monkeys have suddenly taken to reading their science books, and though I am slightly puzzled by this new trend, I'm happy they're reading something educational. Actually, I'm pretty happy when they just read for fun. The older kids really enjoy old mystery novels, especially Alfred Hitchcock's children's mysteries and the Boxcar Children series. They also like the Baby-sitter's Club series.

When we moved to our current home, about 9 months ago, we decided not to sign up for cable TV. What a blessing that has turned out to be! My kids never read for fun before that -- they only read what was assigned for school, and even that was a chore. Since there is now no TV to entertain them, they have turned to reading, and other productive, creative pastimes. They began making ATCs (artist trading cards) and swapping them with other kids from around the world. They draw, sew, roller blade and bike. They will sometimes sit down in the evenings together and play cards or a board game.

Now, I have to admit that we do have a crummy rabbit ear antennae for the one TV in the house -- in my room. We mostly see snow-filled channels. There are two Spanish-language channels that come in crystal clear, but my Spanish is very rusty, and I can only pick out every third or fourth word. That's a bit tiring, and I'd rather do something else. The antennae was to ease my poor dh into the transition of no-TV-living. He has not come peacefully. Once in a while, he can still watch his sports (barely) so he's not too upset.

One more TV admission -- I desperately miss The Office and Law and Order: CI -- my all-time favorites! I will watch them on the web, if they're available, or on DVD when they come out. I also miss Ghost Hunters... but that's for another post.

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